Yamamoto WUN70 Washer Extractor
70lb Capacity
Upgraded operation efficiency and usability to coop with large sized garments or large capacity!
G-Force up to 318G’s and RPM’s up to 800 rpm’s allowing for total control of moisture removal while gentle on the hand ling of the liners.
Robust Door Hinges, Door & the Locking assembly for longevity.
Yamamoto engineers have adopted a unique mounting system that developed from years of dedicated research to reduce noise and vibration during washing and extraction.
High anti-vibration specifications allowing for high-speed extraction of those ‘difficult’ unbalanced loads
Loads that cannot be extracted by conventional models due to difficulty in balancing can be processed an extracted to high-speed with ease in the WUN Washer Extractors. These machines are suited for Industrial & Commercial Laundries processing special bulky items like mats.
Our originally designed, “High Performance Balancing Functionality” prevents unbalanced distribution of loaded garments for extraction:
Originally designed “High Performance Balancing Functionality” is standardized to each washer extractor to ensure redistribution of unbalanced loads for high-speed extraction and productivity.
New soap dispenser
A new multi-component soap dispenser deploys a fall-down system to automatically insert soap into the tub in place of the ordinary overflow type system. This improves usability of powder detergent. Ordinary stainless steel is now replaced by light and easy care ABS resin.
New soap dispenser holder
The soap dispenser now uses strong and durable FRP material. Together with the improvement of our soap dispenser, the new soap dispenser holder has high resistance against detergent/chemicals and ensures safety and long-term durability.
Additional new “Fast-forwarding” to microprocessor
This new functionality enables to skip or fast-forward wash process as desired during an automatically programmed wash process. It also provides water/heated water supply (option) and steam supply during the programmed automatic operation.
Durable, clean, and nice looking stainless steel water connection
Unlike ordinary machines, our water connection part is made of stainless steel to provide durability and prevent rust or corrosion. Reduced maintenance allows for maximum efficiency and long-term usage.
• ISO9001 certification
• 10 water levels to reduce water consumption
• Touch screen control
• Built to last-Built to perform
• Solid construction
• Steam or Electric booster heating
• Choice of 120 available programs
• The best in Japanese precision

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