We love and value our customers and want them to be unconditionally happy with our service and equipment. We take the extra step and go the extra mile for our clients and aim for long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. This great sense of respect is what drives us in our unending quest for perfection. There is no task or sale too small, whether you are looking to purchase new or service your reconditioned laundry equipment. Industrial refurbished laundry equipment is our specialty! But don’t just take our word for it, and read on to see what our past and present customers have to say:

Robert L.
Sherman, CT

Just wanted to give you a thank you for your great business transaction, and a machine that has surpassed any expectations that my wife or I had. The Electrolux looks to be brand new. I’m sure it will far exceed any other washer that I’ve ever owned.

Thank you again, and I will be calling soon about a dryer.

Yeshiva Gedolah Zichron Moshe
South Fallsburg, NY

“I would like to tell you that we were extremely pleased and impressed with the delivery, installation, and service when the machines arrived.
It was truly SUPERIOR!”

Bronx NY

“Highly recommend! These guys take care of all repair needs for my 4 Laundromats. They are quick to respond, accurate and genuinely interested in customer support. Their techs are professional and courteous! Their preventive maintenance saves me money and guarantees the proper operation of my business.”

Lewisburg, PA

“I was so excited to receive my used equipment, I can’t believe it arrived in such amazing condition!”

Mighty Tidy Laundromat in Gulfport, MS

“I purchased a reconditioned Washing Machine from Superior Laundry Equipment . The Washer arrived fast and was in great condition. I had a problem during the installation process and even though I am all the way out in MS Superior Laundry Equipment helped me out! I spoke to my sales person Rick and he arranged for a local service technician to come to my store and resolve the issue quickly and at no charge to me! I was super satisfied with their product and customer service! Highly recommend!”

Laundromat Owner

“We have purchased “Rebuilt” Wascomat washer three times in the last few years, all from different suppliers. Your machine is the first I’ve seen that I would truly say was rebuilt. It looks great! We installed it and it also works well. Having maintained the Laundromat equipment for some 10 years now, I really appreciate the attention to detail you put into refurbishing equipment. When it ran, it was quiet. There was very little vibration. I needed to adjust the water level but that’s it. Everything fit square and plumb. Great job, thank you.”

Jacksonville FL

“I purchased a reconditioned 50lb washer from SLE. When I received the machine I was shocked that it looked flawless like it just arrived from the manufacturer. I’ve been in this business for over 30 years and Superior Laundry is one of a few companies that I would highly recommend doing business with.”

Eye & See Laundromat, County Yunlin, Taiwan

“Thank you for the good package, the dryers without any damage. Good machines, good condition, good quality, like new dryers, you are a good seller. Thank you.”

7th Street Laundromat, Brooklyn, NY

“I was very pleased with the service and pricing at Superior Laundry Equipment. My sales man went above and beyond to make sure I had everything I needed to reopen my store with comfort. The dryers looked as if they were brand new. I Highly recommend Superior Laundry for all your commercial laundry needs…”

Bay Shore, NJ

“I’ve been using Superior Laundry Equipment for years for Bearing Jobs at my Laundromats. They are friendly, informative & very knowledgeable. Their prices are reasonable, they always show up on time and the technicians are neat and professional”

Everbest Cleaners Corp, W. Babylon NY

“I was very satisfied with my purchase of a reconditioned Wascomat 30 lb OPL washer.”

Country Laundromat, Carolina P.R. 00982

“I bought 4 machines from Superior Laundry equipment this July. It was my first order with them and I took a risk ordering from a new company. I was pleasantly surprised by their efficiency and customer service. The Sales Manager sent me manuals that I requested, followed up with me consistently to give me updates on my order and the machines arrived promptly in great condition. I am very happy with my purchase!”

Laundromat Owner

“I bought a washer from Superior and I am very pleased with the turn around time, pricing and their customer service. Their communication with me was consistent and detailed.”

Assistant Set Decorator GOTHAM, Warner Bros. Television, c/o Steiner Studios

“Superior Laundry Equipment was a pleasure to work with. They were able to meet our demanding shooting schedule and provide units that visually enhanced our sets. Their technicians were also efficient and friendly. They worked with our team to rig the machines for a special effect. We will be back with any future production needs.”

Substrate "We make Stuff" Long Island City, NY

“We purchased 10 machines for a photo shoot to create a display to “look” like a laundromat. Superior Laundry Equipment staff was very helpful and provided exactly what was needed!
Great communication and customer service! We will definitely work with them again”

L Laundromat PA

“My most sincere appreciation for the OUTSTANDING service provided by your Technician. He was quick to recognize my problem and took appropriate action immediately. He is definitely an asset to Superior Laundry Equipment! I was very grateful that service was provided quickly and efficiently. Your assistance was highly appreciated!”

Ameritech Pad-X Services Inc, Chinchilla, PA

“Great service, Great price, pleasure doing business with! Superior Laundry Equipment renewed our faith in knowing there are still honest people out there.”

Dubble Bubble Laundry, Audubon, PA

“I had purchased Speed Queen washers and dryers for my Laundromat from Superior and was pleasantly delighted by the accurate description and quality of work that was performed on the used machines. They arrived clean and were delivered promptly to my location. They had also extended a generous warranty and had supplied replacement parts within a week when needed. Their willingness to help me with programming questions and concerns is also supportive. I would be happy to purchase from them again in the future”

Owner, Yonkers, NY

“I’ve bought numerous refurbished washers from Superior the past few years for one of my stores……all in excellent condition, haven’t had any major problems to date! They provide favorable pricing & warranties, very reliable with servicing issues and have wide selection of new & used equipment. If you’re like me and don’t feel it necessary to “break the bank” on brand new equipment, Superior Laundry Equipment should be your first choice, hands down!!!!! I have professional relationships with many Distributors in my area and they just don’t provide the cost effectiveness needed to maximize my bottom line!!”

Laguna Beach Christian Retreat Panama City Beach, FL

“I have been very pleased with both pricing and service from Superior Laundry in NY. It can be risky to order expensive equipment sight unseen but Rick and his staff have shipped me several pieces that arrived in working condition just as promised. I plan to continue to do business with Rick at Superior Laundry.”

Locksport, NY

“I am a new Laundromat owner and purchased equipment from Superior Laundry Equipment. The staff was extremely courteous and professional in their way of doing business. They really care about their customers!”

Brooklyn, NY

“I recently purchased Generation 4 washers which are more than 15 years old. I was actually shocked that such an old washer can look so clean and work so well. SLE staff was there with technical support when I needed them. I want to thank Rick and Superior Laundry for outstanding work.”

Wash Happening, Richmond, VA
“I had a hurricane in my area and was forced to hold off on picking up my equipment from SLE for several months. They worked with me in accommodating me in these special circumstances. Very grateful, excellent customer service and great product.”
from Wash & Shop Laundromat, Denville, NJ

“I purchased 3 Wascomat reconditioned washers; they function like brand new. Thank You to Superior laundry Equipment for exceeding my expectations”

255 Brighton Beach Ave, Brooklyn, NY

“I have weekly service maintenance contract with Superior Laundry Equipment! My Laundromat is taken care of and I don’t have to worry about equipment being out of service. Their customer service and dedication to customers is superb!!! So many companies now have poor customer service, it is great to find a company that cares and does the right thing.”

Laundromat Owner

“I received my Reconditioned SC20 Washer on 2/2/2015 and was Very Impressed with this washer, Looks Like a Brand New Machine. Thank You & I will put you at the top of my list when I need a replacement machine in the future.”

Art Department, SNEAKY PETE, Season 2

“The television show I work on rented large washing machines and dryers for an upcoming set. Superior Laundry was fantastic in communication and the machines looked perfect! We had a bit of a hiccup with the pick ups of the rentals on our end and Superior was very helpful in coming up with a solution. We would definitely be using them in future projects.”

Arkville laundromat, Arkville, NY

“I would like to thank you for the great Wascomats you sent me. We have them up and running since today and they are wonderful !! They are in mint condition and are a great improvement to my little laundromat. In the late summer I would like to buy 2 more of that caliber”

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