40 lb Commercial Multi-Load Rigid-Mount 200 G Washer
Revenue-generating controls
For vended facilities, the machine’s flexible controls help owners control (or manage) profitability, and provide a user-friendly experience. These enhanced controls allow customized setup, and each cycle and option can be priced individually or programmed for time-of-day pricing, maximizing revenue potential. Plus, customers have the ability to select a preferred cycle and option based on individual wash needs. Additional cycle modifiers, including hotter temperatures or additional rinses, can also be priced individually to further allow control over revenue.
Full Color LCD screen
User-tested for navigation and comprehension – the intuitively designed LCD screen provides ease-of-use to customers and operators, and owners have the option to display which cycle selections to display on each machine. All washers come equipped with five default cycles pre-programmed, but the owner can change them, rename them, or create their own – up to 12 cycles per machine.
Powerful drive system and wash unit
Designed with a Variable Frequency Drive System, and commercial-grade motor – this machine is built to give OPL and Vended owners the power they need to run efficiently and consistently, cycle after cycle. The drive system and wash unit comes complete with a 304 stainless-steel drum, commercial-grade, NSK bearings, hardened-steel shaft, cast-iron cross piece and hub, and cast-aluminum pulley – all designed to help increase machine longevity, and give owners the durability their facility needs to operate daily.
Split-lid dispenser with easy-to-flush design
Constructed with four compartments – users have the ability to choose the detergents they need every cycle, ranging from: Pre-Wash and Main Wash (powder or liquid); and Bleach and Fabric Softener (liquid only).
Maytag Connect 360°™ technology
With a Wi-Fi enabled system, Maytag Connect 360o™ Technology gives owners the ability to manage their stores in real-time, even when away. Our intuitively designed software provides diagnostics, notifications, and revenue reports– to keep each machine working at full capacity.

10/5-Year Limited Parts Warranty

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