45Lb per pocket Capacity Coin Dryer

Standard Features:
20% more efficiency
Fast drying times
2 point roller system
Stainless Steel fronts standard
Stainless Steel basket standard
Trans-axial air flow
Single Phase Reversing Basket
Phase 7 Micro Controls
Available in Gas only

Optional Features:
Double pane door glass
S.A.F.E.- Sensor Activated Fire Extinguishing System
Automatic Airflow Compensator (AAFC)
Optional AAFC adjusts exhaust fan speed to improve exhaust flow with increased back pressure caused by
installation issues. This exclusive patented technology adjusts fan speed and enhances dryer performance.
Measurements are calculated in real-time, on an ongoing basis to optimize dry-times and efficiency.

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The all new ADC iAD-45x2Ri is more aggressive, more eye-catching, and more innovative than any other 45 pound stack dryer in the marketplace today; all backed by an unconditional 5 year warranty. Owning an Intelligent Dryer means experiencing state-of-the-art drying with exceptional technology and industry leading advancement.


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