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2 Hoppers / 2 Bill Recyclers

Standard’s Modular Series were designed for “simple function” coin dispensing. But don’t let that term fool you. These changers are excellent coin & tokens change machines, and offer a variety of ‘plug & play’ options to help you customize the machine to your specific business needs. For example, by adding the MEI Bill Recyclers in the place of the bill acceptors – you effectively convert this machine to a low-cost, low capacity bill exchanger

The MC520RL-RHS (High Security Recycler) or MC520RL-RHV (Hi-Visibility Recycler) have the option of two different and distinct bezel configurations. The Hi-Visibility bezel is bigger and has moving LED lights that are designed to attract attention. The Hi-security shows just a small portion of the acceptor’s bezel through the stainless steel faceplate, and provides a more secure option.

Recyclers are programmed and loaded with $5 bills. Each recycler will hold 25-30 bills in the recycler barrel. When a customer inserts a $20 bill, the machine is programmed to dispense 20 quarters and three $5 bills – that are dispensed from the bill acceptor opening one-at-a-time. The concept behind the recyclers in change machines is that your customers will replenish the $5 bills over the course of the day as they insert their own $5 bills to get change.

Using the Modular Control boards, the recyclers are interfaced as separate dispensers, and when one recycler is empty the dispense of $5 bills will transfer to the recycler with bills. If both are empty – we have COINS ONLY lights under each recycler to notify customers that they will only get coin change.

MC520RL-Recyclers Change Machine Features:

  • Rear Load configuration for Bill and Coin Exchange
  • (2) Bill Recyclers – accepts $1 – $20 Bills – with 500 Bills Stacker
  • Recyclers hold 25-30 bills each – total bill capacity up to 60 bills
  • (2) Steel, Modular Series Coin Hopper – holds up to 9,200 Quarters ($2,300 capacity)
  • EF+ Module included
  • Heavy gauge steel cabinets with Stainless Steel Faceplate
  • (1) Stainless Steel Coin Cup
  • High gloss, powder-coat enamel paint finish with applied Lexan graphics decal
  • Two Year Limited Warranty
ACCEPTS: $1 | $5 | $10 | $20
DISPENSES: Bills and Coins
BILLS CAPACITY: 50 – 60 bills
COINS CAPACITY: 9,200 Quarters ($2,300)
DIMENSIONS: 32″H x 18″W x 13″D

Faceplate: Add 2″ on all four sides

SHIP WEIGHT: 175 lbs.

Optional features

MEI 700 Bills Stacker Upgrade MEI 1,000 Bills Stacker Upgrade
Locking Hopper Lids Rear Load Custom/Oversized Faceplate
Electronic Coin Acceptor Kit Portable Audit Printer Kit
Transcient Surge Suppressor Medeco Lock Plug Upgrade for T-Handle Lock
Alarm Kit (with Vibration Detection) 180-watt Strip Heater (with thermostat)
Custom Lexan Graphics Decal Rear Load Mounting Bracket Kit
SKU: MC520RL with Recyclers


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