COMMERCIAL TOP LOAD WASHER, 20Lb Capacity card reader ready

Deep-Water Wash System
The traditional, flex-vane agitator utilizes three distinct wash profiles to create outstanding load turnover.
Optimized with deep-water wash and rinse cycles for vigorous cleaning action.


Heavy-Duty Cabinet
Industrial-strength front panel is built from heavy, galvanized steel and features mounting clips and a support bracket to make it easy to remove and replace.
The premium porcelain enamel top and lid possess a durable finish that stands up to the demands of a high-traffic commercial laundry environment.


Intelligent Controls with M-Series Technology
Provides simple programming and setup options, allowing owners to customize their machines for cycle prices, cycle times, and vend counts—and offer one-touch cycle selection for end users.
Cycles, additional rinses, and hotter temperatures can be priced individually to maximize revenue.


Service Made Easy
Intuitive diagnostics help streamline service calls.
Easy-to-remove, industrial-strength front panel provides quick access to internal components.

Drive System

A powerful ½-HP PSC motor and quad-gear transmission create a wash for every load.
Watertight, flexible, triple-lip seal keeps moisture away from the shaft and helps protect the premium bearings.

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